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France - Champagne & sparkling wines

Including features, guides and blogs about Champagnes de Vignerons (special supplement): Barfontarc, Lamoureux, Lozey, Goerg, Gimonnet-Gonet, Legret, Allouchery, Chemin, Trichet, Autréau, Michez and Delabaye. Plus: Drappier, Dumangin, Louvel Fontaine, Oudinot, Louis Chaurey, Franck Bonville, Pierre Gimonnet, Tesco Premier Cru, Gosset, Bollinger...

Vineyard on 'La Montagne de Reims'

What's the difference then between Champagnes de Vignerons, wine-growers' Champagnes to coin a slightly clunky English translation, and the 'usual' kind we find around everywhere, i.e. big brands from big houses or own-labels from Champagne co-op wineries..? Buy my 15-page special PDF report on a dozen independent Champagne houses for just £3 (c. $4.50 or €4) featuring many bubbly reviews of these tasty producers:
Côte des Bar region: Champagnes de Barfontarc, Jean-Jacques Lamoureux and de Lozey. Côte des Blancs region: Champagnes Paul Goerg, Gimonnet-Gonet and Legret et Fils. Montagne de Reims region: Champagnes Allouchery-Perseval, André Chemin and Pierre Trichet. Vallée de la Marne region: Champagnes Autréau–Lasnot, La Villesenière/Claude Michez and Maurice Delabaye et Fils.
Pay by card with PayPal using the button below (goes to their secure payment page) or use your own account (you don't need one though). Click here for more about card payments, your privacy and general terms & conditions. I'll email you the PDF when I get confirmation from PayPal.

"Here's a note on a very tasty and unusual (and rather expensive alas) special cuvée made by the perhaps less well-known brand Drappier (outside of France at least)..."
Champagne Louvel Fontaine Brut NV from 'whites of the moment' Feb 2015.

Champagne Dumangin (Nov 2014).
Oudinot Brut Vintage 2005 from 'wines of the mo' Feb 2014.

Champagne & sparkling wines festive fizz (Dec 2013) featuring nice bottles that crossed my path: Cava, Prosecco, the Cape, England, Champagne and sparkling Shiraz.
A couple of Champagnes of the moment: Champagne Louis Chaurey Brut (M&S) and Premier Cru Champagne (Tesco) (New Year's Eve 2012, updated with super-duper Croser Sparkling from Aus).

Champers vs English fizz: Pierre Gimonnet et Fils and Gusbourne Estate, Kent (Sept 2011).
Yawn, yet another luxury special edition...: Champagne Gosset (Dec 2009).

Pass the Bolly or "if it's the 85 you were expecting me...": Bollinger feast including some fab old vintages (May 2004).
You'll find more words about Champers too by doing a search for Champagne (link does that)...

As for other French fizz: Crémant de Bourgogne which you'll find there on my Burgundy page and HERE about Simonnet-Febvre (April 2009).
Limoux fizz (May 2012) from the Languedoc 'highlands', which was updated in my Languedoc special 2015 plus there's this too: Delmas Crémant de Limoux (Jan 2010).
Fizz of the moment: Royal Seyssel Brut: "Obscure yet pretty sparkling wine region in Savoy on the way up to skiing country in the French Alps..." (Sept 2010)...

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