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05 May 2015

Wine tastings & workshops May-June Belfast

NEW! 'Wines with cheese' tutored tasting
Thursday May 28   7 - 8.30 pm - £27.50
"Is there a perfect cheese wine? Depends on which cheese and what wine, probably... We'll taste and talk about half-a-dozen different wine styles - sparkling, red, dry white, rosé, sweet and fortified - picked from around the world, and attempt to pair them up with a small selection of Irish cheeses..."

'New World Wines' Saturday workshop
6 June 2015 - £90 including 2-course lunch
"What do we mean by 'New World' wines? We'll spend the day tasting and talking about a dozen or so classic styles, red white and rosé, mostly from wine producing countries in the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa; as well as choice examples from North America... Showing that 'New World' is, apart from its patronising colonial tone, just as much about attitude perhaps as it is about location and climate. And then what about certain New World producers in cooler regions, who are deliberately trying to make more 'European' wine styles?! The day will be nicely broken up by lunch at the hotel..."

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