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18 January 2012

Chile: "no way rosé!" part 3

Or my latest "rosé of the mo" even: this tasty pinkie is part of the Co-Op's (UK) 'Fairtrade' range - that term makes a slight cynic like me slightly suspicious of the otherwise implied "we really stitch up our other 'non-fairtrade' wine suppliers," although the concept is commendable of course. It's sourced from Chile's Curicó Valley - I only kept the front label so don't know who made it - but, anyway, was £5.99 I think and is a Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot blend.

2011 Chilean Fairtrade Rosé - fairly deep raspberry/cherry colour and fruit aromas, lovely juicy mouth-feel vs quite rounded and textured too, then delivers crisp and refreshing finish. Worked well with different dishes in an Indian restaurant.

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Coming soon: profile on De Martino winery and Carmenere vertical tasting report.

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