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30 March 2011

Deja-vu blog posts

I've imported about 50 Roussillon & Languedoc themed blog posts from WineWriting.com 2 and re-published them below this one, to enhance the French Catalan - Occitan - Mediterranean flavouring, appearing in their original date order.
And all 200+ winemaker "profiles" from my Roussillon "French Catalonia" pages and Languedoc winery guides, which were originally published on WineWriting.com (1650+ wine reviews and growing...), will also be teleported onto this blog and posted individually approx. at the same point in time as before. To locate these, see "blog archive" month by month in the right hand column or A to Z listing of profiled estates in the "more wine words" section, where you'll already find lots of magazine and web articles as well.
All new Roussillon & Languedoc blurbs will now be published on this blog, along with any fresh and entertaining wine tasting & travel features on the region, news items, south of France restaurant tips, "wines of the moment" etc. As and when. So, please bear with me during the transition process...
Richard Mark James

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