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01 February 2010

Millésime Bio 2010

Millésime Bio 2010
Organic updates, finds, reviews, "profiles" (watch out for FBI "certified" winemakers) from this lively green Montpellier wine fair. You'll find missing links to "R & L" wineries tasted here in the convenient 'A to Z' in the right-hand column; the rest are done or on WineWriting.com: 
1. La Nerthe 2. La Fourmente 3. Cosse-Maisonneuve 4. Parra-Jimenez 5. Les Miaudoux 6. Clos Anhel (Corbieres) 7. Viña Ijalba 8. La Triballe (Montpellier) 9. Traginer (Banyuls-sur-mer) 10. Nivet-Galinier (Ponteilla) 11. Château Brau (Cabardes) 12. Bousquette (St-Chinian) 13. Clot l'Oum (Bélesta) 14. Frey Vineyards 15. Clos Joncuas 16. Ferrer-Ribière (Terrats) 17. Grand Guilhem (Fitou) 18. Clusel-Roch 19. Grange 4 Sous (VDPOc) 20. Matassa (Calce) 21. JP Padié (Calce) 22. Al Límit 23. Clos Gravillas (Minervois).

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